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Only_For_One Writes...

Here in this Diary, I write you visions of my [Life].

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I'm a college student at Purdue University who spends way more time "ficing" than actaully studying :)

My Ships --
Harry Potter: I'm strictly OBHWF. Aside from those involved in that, I don't really care. I'll try just about anything once. Sometimes I'll read out of my ships just for fun, but other than that I don't really wander.

My Shows --
One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Heroes, Big Bang Theory, Dr. 90210, The Soup, Best Week Ever, most of those reality shows on VH1, and random stuff on TLC, The History Channel, and E!.

I also write short stories and poetry. I do photography, that (along with some of my poetry) you can find at my deviantart site. Umm...I guess that's it, I like to read- along with HP and Twilight I also really love The Inheritance Trilogy by Chris Paolini, pretty much anything by David Sedaris, the Gossip Girl series, Siterhood of the Traveling Pance series, I recently fell in love with The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and I secretly love Nora Roberts novels. I'm a film buff, almost anything will keep my interested. I love almost anything the CW has to offer me, and I'm IN LOVE with Shia LaBeouf. I ♥ music of almost any kind so I won't bother listing my favorites...there are too many. ;)

Friends Only banner made by ME...which explains why it's really not that awesome. The stock is from lookslikerain who IS awesome! So no taking unless you ask. Though, I doubt anyone actually wants it. XD This quote is from the movie Six Degrees of Separation.

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